Set Text Ticker Scroller

You can configure text ticker scroller properties with these commands:

ds_ticker_dim (ID) (WIDTH) (EIGHT)

Set the dimension of the Ticker Widget, Width and Height are expressed in pixels.


ds_ticker_dim myid 1200 80

ds_ticker_xy (ID) (X) (Y)

Set X and Y


ds_ticker_xy myId 0 550

ds_ticker_speed (ID) (SPEED)

ds_ticker_color (ID) (BACKGROUND) (FOREGROUND)

ds_ticker_text (ID) (TEXT_FILE) (DIMENSION) (FONT_NAME)


ds_ticker_color myid black yellow
ds_ticker_text myid testfile.tiker 20 choda
ds_ticker_speed myid 200

ds_ticker_run (ID)

Complete Example

ds_ticker_color mytick black red
ds_ticker_text mytick testfile.tiker 20 choda
ds_ticker_speed mytick 180
ds_ticker_xy mytick 0 550
ds_ticker_dim mytick 1200 80
# run ticker:
ds_ticker_run mytick
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