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SgneepBox is a general-purpose jeOS ( just enough OS ) development platform written in Python, #C, and Bash. SgneepBox would never have been effective in distributions purely Desktop or Server, on the one hand those Desktop are very heavy and those Servers totally unsuitable in the philosophy of SgneepBox given their exposure in the network. So we have filed and adapted the official version of Raspbian (Jessie) LXDE so that we can get a stable, lightweight, and respectful version of the resources given to small CPUs like Broadcom BCM2837.

SgneepBox-Script allows you to connect touch-screen, video effect, webcam, buttons, proximity-WiFi, sensor I/O, playing music and videos. Writing your program logic will not be a problem.

SgneepMTM Reverse HTTPS is able to make any SgneepBox device communicate without using public IP, both in the subnet and on the network. Works with any DHCP router.

You can also configure your smtp server, such as GMAIL, to send images taken by a photocamera.

SgneepBox Stratification:

Sgneep-Box jeOS M2M (Machine To Machine)

Serveless Client

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