Sgneep Terminal Command List

The Sgneep-Box Terminal is loaded at system startup, you can use the shortcut keys to call the terminal (Win + F11) and to call the script (Win + F12).

Below is the complete list of commands:

Usage : command[ENTER]

edit script: edit the Sgneep-Box Script

list script: shows the list of all saved Scripts

load script: load the script

save script: save current script (loaded with 'edit script' command

exit: exit from the Sgneep-Box

date: view the current date and time.

info: view the OS info.

screen info: displays the real information of the LCD panel

protect box: protect Sgneep-Box Terminal with password

unprotect box: unprotect Sgneep-Box Terminal

autostart: runs the script at system startup.

run script: runs the current script

reboot:restart System

intro: view Sgneep-Box intro

browser insta: open browser with Instagram Profile

browser tw: open browser with Twitter Profile

ntp config: open and edit NTP config file

ntp restart: restart NTP client

clear: clear Sgneep-Box terminal

script log: view the Sgneep-Script log file

speak: text to speak

keyboard map: set keyboard language

set user insta:set Instagram username in Sgneep-Box, important for open your instagram page

set tag insta:edit Instagram Text file with Tag for connect Text to Image

set tag twitter:edit Twitter Text file with Tag for connect Text to Image

set bulk twitter:edit Twitter Text File in bulk mode

usb_cam_image:open image folder, this folder contain image shooted with usb_cam

license info:procedure for read user license

license install:procedure to install the user license

icebridge: enable or disable icebridge connection

set ftp:

ftp status:

remote override:enable or disable remote override

set proxy:set proxy ip

read proxy:view proxy info

photo now usb:perform a usb camera test

photo now rpiV2:perform a No-ir camera test

usb list image:view the image shooted with usb camera test

rpiV2 list image:view the image shooted with No-Ir Camera test

edit ticker:open and edit text ticker file

install font 1001:install fonts from

install font:install fonts from zip file

list font:view installed fonts

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