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Get started easily
License/Device 1 1 unlimited
Compatible with Raspberry Pi3
Digital support USBKey Sandisk 32Gb USBKey Sandisk 32Gb SSD / USBKey
Custom Unix Distro.
Includes free updates and new features as they become available
No software to install. Only USB KEY
Managed Machine To Machine(sgneepM2M) Server
FTP Sync
Desktop Automation
Scraping Function
Basic Online Support
SgneepBox Script Support
Automatic M2M data backups
Enable to resell your SgneepBox Script/Contents
Custom Command Script



SgneepBox is available and distributed only on a USB key. (only SanDisk Ultra 32Gb)

look at the technical features of the usb key in sandisk.com

- How is sgneepBox jeOS delivered to me?

 SgneepBox jeOS is delivered exclusively on a 32GB USB flash drive

- what does jeOS mean?

the word jeOS means: "Just enough operating system"

- Can I have a backup?

 Yes, we always recommend having it. For more information on a correct backup, we advise you to read this page.

- Can I track the shipment?

 yes, shipments are always traceable.

- Can I install the backup on any USB stick?

No you can not. It would violate the user license. This would seriously damage future developments of SgneepBox jeOS

- Can I use SgneepBox jeOS in commercial applications?

 is possible in the Pro and Enterprise versions.

- what do I need to make SgneepBox jeOS work?

 you need a normal raspberry PI 3 b+ (link amazon) and USBboot enabled. (Here is the guide on how to enable USBboot)

- can I upgrade my license?

 yes, you can, soon the PRO version of SgneepBox will be available