SgneepBox KIT

Customizable Speech Recognition

With this Kit you will be able to create your own voice recognition system

A few commands are enough to have the device ready for use

You can create customized commands for your Home Automation System, for your Robot or whatever you want

Here you can find the documentation to customize the voice recognition

Italian Version Demo 'Alexa? no Marta' or all the names you want.


STT CMU_Sphinx, TTS, NLU, NLP, fuzzyLogic, AGC, Noise Suppression, VOD

Hardware Components:

Raspberry PI-3, SeeeD Respeaker 4Mic Phat, USB32gb, Speaker


SgneepBox jeOS (USB 32 gb) with SR examples

SR Language:

English, Italian

SgneepBox Complete Kit : n/a

SgneepBox jeOS (USB32_gb) :n/a



SgneepBox is available and distributed only on a USB key. (only SanDisk Ultra 32Gb)

look at the technical features of the usb key in

- How is sgneepBox jeOS delivered to me?

 SgneepBox jeOS is delivered exclusively on a 32GB USB flash drive

- What does jeOS mean?

the word jeOS means: "Just enough operating system"

- Can I have a backup?

 Yes, we always recommend having it. For more information on a correct backup, we advise you to read this page.

- Can I track the shipment?

 yes, shipments are always traceable.

- Do you have a table with shipping prices?

yes, you can check at this address.

- Can I install the backup on any USB stick?

No you can not.

- Can I use SgneepBox jeOS in commercial applications?

 yes. Is possible

- Can I upgrade my license?

 yes, you can, soon the PRO version of SgneepBox will be available