SgneepBox jeOS

for student, professional and diy makers

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SgneepBox is the perfect OS for your next project!

This OS features a friendly Scripting Language with powerful functions, such as, Speech Recognition, Gender Recognition, Graphics Interface, Sensor, Serverless, Machine To Machine API, Desktop Automation and much more, check the tutorial page!


SgneepBox jeOS

just enough operative system

Visual Editor

Low learning curve. Complex functions can be controlled easily.


Make your Interface with new Graphics Engine (v2)


make your cloud IoT server and menage MTM device (zeroConfig and Serverless mode are supported)

+25000 Lines of code

check the many features whith docs page...

Welcome to your next project!

Documents MTM (IOT)Server Tutorial Download SgneepBox jeOS

many features

unique SgneepBox modules

Visual Script Editor module

Desktop widget loader module

IoT sensor module

Two state button widget module

Time widget module

Image gallery widget module

Text to Speech sinth module

usb webcam and noIR cam module

SoundPlayer mp3 module

VideoPlayer widget module

onScreen keyboard widget module

IceGraph-engine module

Touchscreen module

Gender recognition module

Speech recognition module (SST)

Nlp and fuzzy module for speech recognition

Speech engine module (TTS)

GPIO soft. module

Reverse HTTPS module for Serverless MTM mode

Python loader module

Autostart module

Send email module

Desktop Automation module

and much more...check in Documents section