Create your interface

You can create and place buttons, qrcode, slider images, weather information wherever you want.

Control Video and Raspberry Pi3 GPIO

You can connect the buttons with the opening of new pages and read the timeline of youtube,

if you want that the tenth second of the video turns on a relay ,you can with a few script commands.

Make a universal photo booth

With a few lines of script you will have prepared a photo booth.

Customizable as you want, Sgneep-Box Script supports both the webcam and the raspberry NoIr photocamera.

Easy scripting

#this is a comment

button_xy btn1 10 10

slider_xy 100 100

qr_code_xy 200 10

IOT_out 15 on

sleep 60

ds_button_close btn1



IOT_out 15 off


and much more...