Accessible and easy for everyone, "horizontal" software application to create your "vertical" world.

SgneepBox Works

To say everything that SgneepBox does in a few lines is impossible.

But we can imagine it as an unconventional system to efficiently build and use any sort of application that generates a real performance using a device like the RaspberryPi3B and its GPIO port that offers a good compromise in speed and stability. SgneepBox allows you to create HMI interfaces in a few simple steps and with little knowledge, monitor video and music, send emails, send M2M data and even control your Desktop.

Visual Editor

With SgneepBox Visual Editor you can design the logic and HMI interface. The low learning curve of SgneepBox Script allows the user, with little knowledge to create and control Interface, Video, Audio, Sensors, Email, M2M, GPIO and Desktop Automation (beta). Consult the Tutorial section, to view some script examples, or consult the Documentation section (EN)

SgneepBox Editor supports GraphView Mode(beta)
Mamun Srizon


Visual Editor

With Visual Editor you can control all the functions of SgneepBox JeOS.


Low learning curve, simple commands to manage commonly complex actions.

Machine To Machine

Connecting devices on different networks is not a problem for SgneepBox. With simple commands you can send data and images to other SgneepBox machines. SgneepBox takes note of the security problem, find out how ..

Low Consuption

Sgneep Box is not a vampire of system resources. Temperatures remain low and requires no additional heat sink.


Low temperatures, boot from USB, read / write cycles brought to a minimum, low use of Memory / CPU and exclusion of SWAP memory have led SgneepBox to be stable.

HMI Interface

With SgneepBox Editor you can create your Human Machine Interface interfaces in a simple and intuitive way. SgneepBox supports Gauges, Label, Slider, Dual-state buttons, Video, Mp3, TTS voice, QrCode Generator and much more

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Learn SgneepBox-Script with our tutorials

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overview documentation

Move the first steps in SgneepBox.Start Here

audio video documentation

Discover the simple commands that SgneepBox puts at your disposal and how to insert Audio Mp3, Video and Buttons etc.

function documentation

Your first function in SgneepBox Script.

indicator documentation

Learn how to create your first interface in GraphView mode.