Open Source:

All Adrenaline RT attack modules are open-source

System Information Gathernig (Quick Scan)

Collect many OS Infos, Wifi Password, Account and much more. The reconn functions of the "Adrenaline Matryoska" payload read data from the victim's Windows 10 PC. Warning: for security reasons, the Payload is not able to send the exfiltrated data to remote servers but only locally. The management of exfiltrated data is managed with "Adrenaline Server" compatible with Raspberry Pi3 enabled for USB Boot.


Adrenaline allows you to prepare Payloads for demonstration and non-destructive use. The generated Payload can be uploaded via USB Memory, RubberDucky, Email, WebLink.

Physical Security:

Generate firmware for DuckyRubber attacks(Tiny85Mcu) with remote Payload (C, Powershell, Cmd). Make Local Server for RaspberryPi3.


Check the effectiveness of the security system, is your Antivirus / Antimalware blocking the Adrenaline Matrioska Payload? Adrenaline Matrioska contains our Adrenaline Anubis engine to scale privileges and add new rules to Windows Defender, encrypt data (Ransom Simulation), Install Payload C2, Exfiltrate Data (Lan, Wifi, Software, Security)


To protect itself from this phenomenon, every organization must inevitably invest in the "human factor", training the ability of each user to recognize a Phishing attack. Furthermore, considering that the greatest threats to the security of organizations are often "lurking" in the mailboxes and messaging systems of employees and collaborators, it is necessary that each individual user is "personally" trained in recognizing the threats hidden in emails and messages . Only in this way is it possible to increase resilience and reduce the level of risk of the entire organization with respect to the Phishing phenomenon. With Adrenaline RT the pentester will be able to organize his or her personalized payload.


Lateral movement & Data exfiltration.
The exfiltrated data must not leave one's work environment. "Adrenaline Server" is based on RaspberryPi3 and is preconfigured. No configuration is required.


Adrenaline RT produces PDF reports and editable Word documents. All data is always contained in the Local Adrenaline Server.